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Matching Home Care Businesses & Services with Caregivers 

Aging in Place Essential Toolkit™ will connect family caregivers to your company’s products and services. 

Our website is designed to support and generate leads for:

  • Associations and membership development

  • Homecare agencies

  • Home remodelers and renovators

  • Aging in place advisors

  • Eldercare attorneys

  • Financial advisors

  • Those who sell products online to serve the aging population

Aging in Place Toolkit can help your company or association reach its business goals through a proactive sales and marketing program that incorporates

  • Value messaging that highlights the core benefits of your offerings to potential clients

  • An identity package (logo/identity mark; company tagline/value statement) to drive consistency of your brand

  • Testimonials to authenticate quality claims and highlight the benefits your services bring to clients 

How Aging in Place Toolkit can help you grow your customer or member base

  • We help you identify and target the right market sectors based on demographics: gender, income, location

  • We recommend marketing and promotion tools that best reach your target audience (e.g., website, social media, sponsorships, blogs, webinars)

  • We can create a short and long-term marketing plan and budget to stay on track and measure results

  • We can help your team position your products' benefits and deliver support services to your customers

Three ways your company or associations can use the Aging in Place Essential Toolkit.

  • Option 1: Place a direct link on your web site's home page to for a flat fee per month based upon usage. 

  • Option 2: Set up a dedicated page on your web site that describes the services and products you offer to caregivers. Link your caregiving support services description on the page to This option is a license fee agreement that includes online phone help from a life care manager, plus a monthly usage fee.

  • Option 3: will create a customized caregiver support website that is branded for your organization. The web site will include all the resources available on, including on-demand phone support. This option includes a license fee that includes phone or video support from life care specialists.


Pricing will be determined based on your company or association's specific needs, total employees/members and customization of copy, design, and links. For all three options, Aging in Place Essential Toolkit will track and provide your organization with information on employee utilization of the site every three months. Contact us for more details.

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