What are your retirement living and long term care options?

 John is 68 years old and his wife Elaine is 64 years old. They are retiring at the end of the school year and are starting to plan for their retirement. They have two married children who live 500+ miles away. They would like to explore their best options, which include staying in their home, moving to smaller house, condo/apartment or a continuum of care retirement community (CCRC). They want to learn as much as possible prior to make important decisions for aging in place regarding their health insurance plans, financial needs and legal options. They also want to know more about remodeling their home as one of the options. This demographic (Aging Baby Boomers) is a growing segment of future caregivers.


Are you planning your retirement? Have you recently retired? Enter the information below to receive ideas at no cost.  The information you enter will be only shared with our professional advisors.


Please answer the following questions to help you support the current home care situation for you or a loved one, and/or plan for your own retirement future.

1. Who are you planning care for?

2. Loved one's gender?

3. Loved one's age?

4. Any current medical conditions to plan for? Select all that apply.

5. Where do you anticipate to live as you grow older?

6. What topics would you like to learn more about to help you successfully age in place? 

X  Remodeling for future aging issues, e.g., kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, stairs, etc.

X  Legal, e.g., wills, medical directive

Financial Planning, e.g. asset management

Home safety

Home and yard maintenance

X  Understanding Medicare, Medicaid, and other government programs

X  Nutrition and wellness planning

o  Medication reminder – this may include taking medicines with the correct frequency and accuracy

X  Mental and physical activity

7. What are your current caregiver or anticipated caregiver issues? Select all that apply.

Lack of estate planning

Lack of family support or family conflict

Lack of available transportation

Legal papers – includes power of attorney, medical directives, financial control 

Limited financial resources

o Monitoring a loved one from a distance


8. Other areas or issues you would like to add to your current or future anticipated situation. Please keep to 250 characters.

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The Aging in Place Essential Toolkit™  addresses the challenges that individuals and families face in caring for a loved one or themselves. It is a one-stop resource of practical advice, services, and support that helps people plan for how they will live a good life as they or a loved one age.

Tips for taking care of yourself or a loved one.




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