Carol is a 55-year-old married women, has three children (12, 15, 19) and works full-time. Her younger brother lives 500 miles away, is busy raising his family and has a new job. Their 80-year-old widowed mother, who lives 125 miles away, has early stage onset of dementia. Carol wants to understand what kind of help she needs. If this describes your situation, you are not alone: Sixty percent of people who provide care to a loved one from a distance are women 50 to 70 years old.


The answers that you provide below, with your name and email address, will help us offer no cost ideas to help you manage your caregiving-from-a-distance challenges. Your information will only be shared with our professional advisors.


Please answer the following questions to help you find the best way to support your current home care situation.

1. Who are you planning care for?



2. Loved one's gender?

3. Loved one's age?

4. Loved one’s Illness condition? Select all that apply.

5. Where are they receiving their primary care?

        1-50 miles

        50-100 miles 

  • 100+ miles

6. What are your major caregiving concerns?

o  24-hour care

x  Bathing, dressing, personal care and hygiene

x  Errands

o  Exercise

x  Home safety

x  Light housekeeping

x  Loneliness and/or sense of isolation

x  Nutrition and hydration

x  Medication reminder

o Mental stimulation

o Mobility

x Transportation

7. What are your current caregiver or anticipated caregiver issues? Select all that apply.

Lack of estate planning

Lack of family support or family conflict

Lack of available transportation

Legal papers – includes power of attorney, medical directives, financial control  

Limited financial resources

Monitoring from a distance

Need to return to job

Stress relief

Time commitment and management


8. Other areas or issues you would like to add to your current situation. Please keep to 250 characters.

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