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My Story: Do I Need Long Care Insurance?

Happy Older Couple

There has been two times in my life we needed long-term care insurance and did not.


The first time was when I was in a severe skiing accident. I fractured my pelvis, broke my hip and had a permanent titanium rod inserted in my body. Needless to say, my recovery was long and difficult.


The second time was when my sister, at the age of 55, was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Although I became her caretaker, what she really needed was a Home Care Agency. Again, I wished​ that long-term care insurance had been purchased.

As a result of these personal life-changing experiences, I purchased long-term care insurance.  Now I do not have to worry if or when an unexpected health or accident-related event happens.


I strongly encourage anyone who would like to “age in place” in the comfort of their home to purchase long-term care insurance.  It would be difficult for most people​ to achieve this desired goal without long-term care insurance to provide a financially secure way to live in your home.


If you have questions and want straight answers about coverage, costs and policy plans, please enter contact information below. I would be happy to discuss your individual situation with you further.


Thank you,

Janlaw Minor

Long Term Care Independent Agent

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