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About Us

How and why is the Aging In Place Essential Toolkit™ relevant for the times we are living?
Founder Ira Yellen has experienced the joys and difficulties of being a family caregiver firsthand. He spent more than a decade researching, vetting and managing in-home aides, skilled nursing and hospice care for his mother who lived to her mid-90’s.


During the past 10 years Ira has become an expert in the home care industry. His perspectives on the challenges of family caregiving are now helping baby boomers to both manage their elders’ care and think about how they will age in place themselves.


Ira Yellen understands that millions of family caregivers experience the same stressful moments and raw emotions he experienced in caring for his mother. It does not matter how wealthy you are or what connections you have. Managing a loved one’s care requires constant attention and continuous decisions. Ira discovered firsthand that while today’s clinical care can prolong and save lives, the follow up support systems of rehabilitation and home care can fail family caregivers who are not prepared.


Ira created™ to help people find home care services online. In the process,  he saw that many visitors to the site wanted more than a listing of home care agencies. Building upon, he introduced the Aging In Place Essential Toolkit™ to help families create a roadmap to help them manage their loved ones’ care. In addition to providing support and best-practice ideas, the Aging In Place Essential Toolkit™  offers caregivers a menu of services and products that can support their loved ones’ health care, communication, safety and mobility needs. 


The Aging In Place Essential Toolkit™ provides family caregivers immediate access to Aging In Place advisors who offer personalized caregiving advice and support.

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