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Your older loved ones deserve a safe, secure,
and engaged life as they age.
You deserve the right tools to help them,
whether they're in your home, nearby or far away.
We can simplify your life as a caregiver.

If you're among the 53 million Americans (one in five of us!) providing unpaid care to an aging adult, you already know the challenges and rewards of making sure our older generations can live their best possible lives. 

You also know how challenging it can be to juggle their needs with your own job, family and life responsibilities.

Because so many of us worry about our loved ones from a distance, Aging in Place Toolkit offers advanced remote solutions that keep them safe and engaged, and reduce their risk of dementia, Alzheimers and other illnesses. 

We offer resources and solutions to families who are caring for a loved one in their home, or are contemplating a living environment that helps three (or more) generations support each other in the same household. 

Whether it's from a distance or in a home you share, our team of experienced and caring advisor-experts are here to help.  

Care Giving Products

Products and services for caregiving in your home or theirs - nearby or at a distance

Support your loved one's health, safety and sense of belonging. Support your own needs as a caregiver.

Get Immediate Help

Speak to our Aging in Place Advisor Now.


Get answers to your  questions right now on your caregiving questions and concerns. You don't have to solve it alone. We are here to help

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