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About the Aging In Place Essential Toolkit™


The Aging In Place Essential Toolkit™ offers products and services that help families develop an objective roadmap to manage their caregiving needs. We put the family in charge of their caregiving plan. We do this with up-front information and focused search criteria which yield better options and informed choices. The Toolkit is designed to help families become more educated, discerning and proactive caregivers.  

We are currently soliciting second seed round investors. To learn more and view a term sheet, please contact Ira Yellen, 860-205-9133 or

Download this document to learn more:

Facing the Caregiving Tsunami: What are the Aging in Place options?

Caregiver User Experience Criteria

When Needed: Immediate, Shortly, and Future


  1. Proximity (distance for caregiving)

  2. Medical condition to manage

  3. Daily Needs (occasional to continuous)

  4. Access to Resources (financial/government/community/organizations)

  5. Caregiver Needs (managing family, stress and job)

  6. Aging in Place (products and services)

The Aging in Place Essential Toolkit™ provides:
Easy, effective, trustworthy
Contact Us:


Ira W. Yellen

Founder and Managing Director

iNeedHomecareNow™, LLC, owner of the Aging In Place Essential Toolkit™

PO Box 357

Glastonbury, CT 06033


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