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Meeting your aging in place needs in order

to live a quality life as you or a loved one age.

Aging In Place Planning
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Welcome to the

Aging in Place Essential Toolkit


We understand the challenges of becoming or being a family caregiver, and have proven ways to help you with caregiving advice and aging in place planning. Through our personalized and customized support system, we provide an easy way to get the services and products for your in home care.


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Family Caregiver Checklist

 The Top 10 tips to help your loved one.

Caregiving means knowing what to do, and when. Use this checklist to monitor and address your loved one's needs. Learn the essentials of caregiving.
Products & Services

Access to the most useful caregiving items.

Today's devices, and products provide time-saving solutions to seniors' everyday dilemmas. Explore your options, and see which fits your current caregiving situation.
Caregiving Information for
Family Caregivers

FREE guidance is available in your state. 

Explore the many services and support available for elders, people with disabilities, caregivers and family members.
Hammer and Wrench
What to consider in making a home mobility-friendly and secure.


Learn how to make the right choices in making your home a safe place as you age. Or, when to 'cut bait' and consider other options.
Home Safety & Security

Prevent falls. Stay safe. Deter Crime.

Does your loved one have difficulty moving around? Is their home walker or wheelchair friendly? Assess options that can improve their safety and security.
Monitoring at a Distance

On-site and remote communications.

How to keep tabs on your loved one when you're on the job? Or live four states away? What combination of people and devices will work for your situation?

There are four kinds of people in the world —

Those who have been caregivers;

Those who are currently caregivers;

Those who will be caregivers;

And those who will need caregivers.

Rosalynn Carter

Former First Lady of the United States

45 Million


Americans currently manage their loved ones' assisted and daily care needs.

Half of health information searches are on behalf of someone else.


Online health inquiries start with a search engine.

(Google, Bing, Yahoo)

Our Team

Kind Words

“The Essential Family Caregiver Toolkit made it easy for me to organize my home care priorities. Not only did I find many options to help my sister-in-law stay in her own home, but the site provided me with the education to make the right choices.”

"Talking to a knowledgeable person about my father's specific home care needs made all the difference in the world to me as a caregiver. It diminished some of my day-to-day stress and helped me focus on a clear path forward." 

“The Aging In Place Essential Toolkit covered everything I needed to know when looking for a home care aide for mom. I feel confident I am prepared with the right information and questions to ask to make the right decisions.”

Meghan Charles

Danielle Hudson

Philip Cruz

Care Forum

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