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Get a Customized Aging in Place Plan​

We’re here to help you and your loved ones plan now for how and where you will age in place.

Is aging in place planning or family caregiving more complicated and stressful than your thought? Are these decisions being put off?


We understand that family and work commitments may be limiting the time you spend planning for your future aging needs, or getting your older family members the support they need now. Our suite of services and products are designed for people who want aging in place and caregiving support from qualified professionals.


How to get started with our customized programs
We begin with a no-obligation phone conversation to learn about your goals and challenges. Based upon your input and needs, and with your permission, we will create an aging in place plan. Once you accept the plan, we will provide you with an estimate for providing a tailored package of services and products to implement it for the following parts in the plan. You have the choice to manage the plan or for us to do it for you. We will price it accordingly.

Important topics we’ll explore with you before creating your customized plan.

  • Asset and financial planning (long-term insurance, asset protection)

  • Legal eldercare documents, e.g., power of attorney, medical directives, wills, family trusts

  • Finding a qualified home care agency

  • Aging adult and senior living housing options

  • Remodeling your home as you age in place

  • Securing important health and family legal documents


Your customized plan may include some or all of the following*:

  • Financial and legal planning to address your future needs

  • Advice and information to help you decide where and how you will live when you retire

  • Solutions to help you monitor your loved ones from a distance

  • Options to integrate home protection and security systems

  • Selection, installation, setup and tutorials to use the latest voice-activated Amazon Echo, Apple Home or Google systems

  • Solutions to brighten and automate your or a loved one’s home: interior and exterior devices lighting, remote control, temperature

  • Advice, selection, installation of safety devices and solutions that can help prevent falls in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. These may include ramps, elevators, chair lifts; flooring, furniture, and accessories

  • Phone or video calls with our advisors to help you implement your aging in place plan and/or manage your caregiving responsibilities for a loved one.


*Final costs will be based upon final approved plan.    ​

Ways to contact us:


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