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Community Forum Guidelines

The Aging in Place Toolkit Community Forum is a place where families can share experiences and learn new and better ways to care for loved ones. The forum is open to participants who to discuss a wide range of topics. By participating in the community, you agree to conduct yourself with integrity and decency and to be respectful of others. These are suggested topics for you to consider or you might have a different experience. We welcome stories that help other caregivers.

How to submit a story or comment on the Community Forum

First, become a community member (read about then become member). Second, click form to enter your story. Follow instructions and when done, submit. Once you become a member, you can come back and edit copy, send link to friends/family or submit another story.



Our community works best when each contributor follows the rules. If you read posts that you feel are inappropriate, offensive or violate the standards below, please contact our site moderator. We welcome contributors willing to share knowledge and experience in a particular area or field. Feel free to ask questions and comment, since many others may benefit from your experience and insights.

Below are some guidelines for participation in the Aging in Place Community Forum.

  • Share what you know.

  • Be courteous.

  • Treat each other with respect.

  • Cite your sources.

  • Categorize correctly.


Poor Behavior


The following behavior will not be tolerated and may result in a posting removal or removal as a member of the forum.

  • Using hate speech and/or incendiary comments

  • Personal venting or attacks towards someone

  • Being mean or obscene

  • Exploiting the community

  • Violating the law

  • Acting maliciously

  • Posting links to websites that contain viruses or malicious programs

  • Discussing moderation actions

  • Posting private messages

  • Including HIPPA-related personal information


Violating these guidelines and terms may result in the removal of your content and/or the suspension of your online profile.

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