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We understand the stress of taking care of a spouse. You might benefit from support from family and friends, hiring a personal care aide for limited hours, and occupational therapy equipment that can assist you in assisting your spouse with his daily living needs.



Based upon your responses to the initial situation assessment, here are specific resources that can help guide you through the process of setting up care as well as helping you manage your situation.

  • Caregiver types – personal aide, family member, friend

  • Stroke  – facts, resources

  • Mobility support – therapy and equipment

  • Caregiver needs and issues

  • Online caregiver community

  • Long-distance monitoring & technology


Speak to a Geriatric Care Specialist – first 10 minutes are free

Each caregiver situation is unique. Our geriatric care specialists are highly experienced in helping guide you through the caregiving process.


Aging in Place Toolkit

Provides free and low-cost tools for your particular situation (list items and costs)

Geriatric Eldercare or Caregiver Specialist 

The toolkit includes:

  • Family vault to secure important legal, financial, and medical records

  • Video: training and tips

  • Links to Home Care Agencies

  • Links to caregiving services, products, and digital technology devices

  • Links to government agencies not-for-profit organizations, and support groups




Contact a Home Care Agency


Find a professional home aide who specializes in dementia care.

Online Community Forum


Need a kindred spirit to talk or read through your caregiving challenges? Join our caregivers-only community forum.




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