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Conscious Capital Wealth Management
A "Living a Whole Life" Financial Planning Road Map for Aging Adults

Conscious capital can provide a “Live Whole!™” customized plan for your current and future financial and wellness goals that also incorporates a "leaving a legacy” plan for future generations of your family.


"We are dedicated to supporting you, so you can live your dreams by obtaining the most out of your financial assets, and from life itself. The decision around who manages your money is critical especially as you deal with retirement and aging in place.


Everyday, we work hard for you because we respect and understand the value of your hard-earned money. We take your trust seriously. We believe that 'doing the right things' includes being independent – being able to offer a custom suite of products and platforms that are both fee- and commission-based to ensure that no agenda – other than your best interests – are respected and protected."

Lawrence Ford 


Conscious Capital Wealth Management

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