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Monitoring Caregiving at a Distance

Distant Caregiving Options


Questions to ask yourself.

  • How to keep tabs on your loved one when you’re on the job and they live several states away?

  • What combination of support and devices will work for your situation?

  • What are your digital and on-site options to help manage your caregiving responsibilities and other tasks?


Are you one of the 6.9 million Americans struggling to care for an aging parent or other loved one who lives far away? Visit our Caring From a Distance forum section first for an overview.


Because technology changes quickly, new devices, applications and websites will be available in the future to help you manage care. Learn more about digital technology for the family

Home Security System

Selecting the Best Home Security System

Many aging adults and soon-to-retire Baby Boomers are making decisions that will help them remain in their homes. A security system should be on your aging-in-place checklist. Begin your online search at Best Home Security Systems. Or, visit Amazon to view systems that can help you monitor your loved one from a distance.
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