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The Aging in Place Essential Toolkit™ has an arrangement with Amazon to receive a percentage of every sale for medical supplies and equipment, and home security geared to Aging in Place. Each sale helps fund improvements to the website that will benefit our efforts to reach family caregivers that are looking for free support.


If you want purchase other Amazon products, you can search from one of these pages. We will also receive a commission on that purchase.  If you plan to purchase a product(s) on this or another Amazon product(s), click on one of the green colored links below, log onto your Amazon account, and follow their instructions. 


There is no obligation or additional cost to purchase items.

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The Aging in Place Essential Toolkit™  addresses the challenges that individuals and families face in caring for a loved one or themselves. It is a one-stop resource of practical advice, services, and support that helps people plan for how they will live a good life as they or a loved one age.

Tips for taking care of yourself or a loved one.




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